Hurley Burley

Date Night with a difference

Valentines Day is loved by many and loathed by possibly just as many? If you don’t like or loath it, you could be that person who doesn’t ‘celebrate it’ ..but if he/she forgot to get you a card.. hell may freeze over. For most people it’s a reason to dedicate a night to a nice dinner and drinks with your very special person. We have some more alternative and unique options to keep your partner happy this year.. and to make sure you have fun while pleasing the other half. These are some of our London date night / day suggestions for you to keep a note of.


Inamo in Soho, we can vouch for this place, it is a lot of fun! Already setting the tone with it’s funky decor, it has a cute little romantic bar under the main restaurant, so if you book, and you arrive with time to spare, it’s the perfect place to grab a drink before you sit down. The tables at Inamo are the real game changer, when you are seated you are given a quick tutorial how to use them as they turn into the interactive menu you can order directly from! You have a delicious selection of either Sushi options or pan fried asian yummies. After you’ve successfully used the futuristic table to order your food and drink, there is no time to waste … straight to the games. You can choose from a selection of games ( any competitive couples out there, beware..could turn into a hostile meal).

This is also a great option for a first date, when you’re stuck for questions to ask or conversation to make, let the games take the lead.


For the more laid back couples, Ben’s Canteen is the perfect destination for a meal out. Whether it’s Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner, they can offer something Delicious. By personal opinion, one of my best brunches to date was at Ben’s Canteen having Fried Chicken Benedict paired with a Peach Bellini! – #Classy


From the outside.. you wouldn’t know the fabulous La Bodega Negra Mexican restaurant was lurking below.. but that’s half the fun. Walking through the door surrounded by Neon lights, it would look like you had gone to pick up a dirty movie..or something of that nature. But down the staircase to the dark and moody lit restaurant below, you are met by the friendly staff and seated at your table. The menu has lots to offer and a great place for sharing dishes and trying new things. The Tequila menu is as long as the food menu itself.. and having a shot in between courses isn’t compulsory ..but it would be rude not to. This place would be great for double dating and groups of friends too as it has great atmosphere and a bar ready to quench your tequila thirst.


With exposed bricks and red leather booths, the Electric Diner already sets a trendy vibe. The Diner is adjacent to one of the oldest cinemas in London (The Electric Cinema), and a beautiful cinema it is fitted with it’s own comfy leather seats with a bar at the back, making it it’s own unique experience. If you were really going to spoil the other half – dinner and a film?

The Electric Diner is open from 8am if it’s going to be a romantic breakfast, and open until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays as they have a bar too! And if you aren’t already intrigued by the American themed menu, the last time I visited, I ordered a Philly Chilli cheese dog…it was just as glorious as it sounds.


The Rolling Scones Cafe is in amongst this crazy beautiful warehouse of neon art! Gods own junkyard started out as Chris Bracey’s personal collection of work in a salvage yard in Walthamstow and has quickly turned in to quite the attraction, so much so that Vogue have even done their own photoshoot on the premises (the photos are worth a google)

It’s a treat for your eyes and your mind, you can go get lost in the collection of the branded signs and glowing art that fills the warehouse, and finish off with a flapjack and a coffee.



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