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About Hurleyburley

From humble beginnings in a garden shed in Mortlake, Hurley Burley’s story begins with the shared dream of two mothers, Sue and Pippa, to create meaningful jewellery at affordable prices.

With a celebration of family and motherhood at its core, they set out to craft personalised engraved treasures that hold significance for their wearers. Each piece instils life’s most important moments into jewellery, that can be worn and carried with us, wherever we go.

With an almost entirely female team, we pride ourselves on fostering an environment where empowerment and inclusivity thrive. At Hurley Burley our focus extends beyond adornment, it encompasses women, sustainability, and community. We are committed to sourcing all our materials responsibly and minimising our environmental footprint—all whilst creating meaningful gifts designed to last a lifetime.

Together, let’s adorn the world with jewellery that not only sparkles but speaks to the soul – where every piece tells a story as unique as the person wearing them.


With love,

Hurley Burley Team xx

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