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Bangles have been around for thousands of years, they date back to as early as 2600BC.

Different cultures, religions and faiths have used bangles to mark important occasions or celebrate a mile stone in a persons life. Overtime bangles have become one of the most recognisable styles of bracelet and worn all over the world being made and sold in all types of materials and metals.

Bangles can still hold sentimental value but are now just as important in the fashion world. As a personalised company, at Hurleyburley we have introduced lots of new styles of bangles with the choice to add your own message, special date or a simple initial.

We offer our open bangle in both 925 Sterling Silver and Rose Gold Vermeil, with the option to engrave an initial on each end of the bangle.

This style comes in a disc, a star or a heart style.

This was our first design using the cross over style of bangle, we kept it simple using one colour metal. Since these were so popular, we have now upped our game and introduced two new designs using a dipped effect and mixed our metals! We offer this in both Yellow Gold or Rose Gold Vermeil mixed with Silver.

Our circle of life bangle has proved popular for all kinds of gifts. For new mums, anniversary gifts, graduation or just the perfect birthday present.

And oldie but a goodie!

If you have been on the journey with Hurleyburley for as many years as our website has been around, you will know this has been a Hurleyburley staple bracelet! we have sold thousands and continue to do so every year. This year we had a little revamp and introduced more of the plaited style of silk as we just love the contrast of the smooth metal band. We offer a variety of silk colours to choose from and can add additional charms with your engraved words.

Twist and Shout for our new personalised sterling silver bangle! We offer two styles and we want them both!


Whether you need something simple, something a little more symbolic or something to be engraved with your special words, we can offer a style for everyone.

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