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New Year.. New You

Hopefully Christmas lived up to all it’s expectations… Family, Friends, cheese, wine.. more cheese.. and more wine. Most of us at some point will have started the New Year with an ambitious plan to get fit, which has often fallen flat at the first hurdle. The key to any regime is to make it attainable and to take up an activity you will enjoy. Team sports like netball and group fitness make a fun and sociable option.

Most areas have clubs running ‘Return to Netball’ courses and all the relevant information can be found here

For would be runners, a great place to start is your local ‘Park Run’. A free weekly 5k run in a local park every Saturday morning with a simple registration process that records your times.  A great way to enjoy your local outdoor space and monitor your progress.  Open to all and they’re free!

Group fitness usually covers a cross section of ability and focus’s on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) which brings great improvement in general fitness. Blitz Fitness are local to us in South West London. They make the classes challenging but fun and build confidence by encouraging everyone to work hard at their own level, most areas will have an equivalent.

Increasingly many more people of all ages are wellbeing aware and participate in some kind of fitness activity regularly.  Research has shown that as we age maintaining fitness, flexibility and muscle mass contribute to our overall health and life expectancy.

Its very important to adapt and modify routines as we age rather than giving up. Adding in disciplines like pilates help with flexibility, core strength and  balance.

This article is a great example of how a fitness regime can be adapted  to maintain and improve even in our later years.



New Year is a great time to review your diet and eating habits for a variety of reasons.

Not everyone wants to lose weight, for some people a tweak to their diet brings health benefits such as increased energy, less bloating and clear skin. Many health issues can be attributed to diet and a consultation with a registered nutritionist is often a worthy investment, some have blogs packed with advice, insights and recipes.

A good starting point for many people is an undertaking to start cooking food from scratch, eliminating processed foods and using quality, healthy ingredients. This can be therapeutic and save money too!

If you are stuck for recipe inspiration a good source is to follow one of the many food bloggers, Blogger

Subscribe to a food magazine for seasonal recipes

 Turn a New Year’s Resolution into a new hobby and sign up for cookery lessons or workshop. Try your hand at Thai, vegetarian or baking, the choice is huge and it’s easy to find a local one which suits your requirements.


“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” – George Bernard Shaw

An undertaking to examine attitudes and make changes to attain a positive outlook is an ongoing process that we should be constantly mindful of.

Examine your life and make a list of things that cause you stress or unhappiness and set about addressing the causes and situations. Even if initially you feel unable to address an issue sometimes knowing what causes it makes it easier to deal with.

Casting adrift toxic relationships, finding a positive in a difficult situation and the simple act of saying ‘Thank you’ are all steps towards mental wellbeing.

Mindfulness and meditation are both useful tools in helping to deal with stress, sleeplessness and encouraging positivity, various apps make them easily accessible and have blogs with lots of practical advice.

Most importantly remember to be kind to yourself, a treat of a spa visit or day out somewhere inspiring is good for both body and soul!





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