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Hurley Burley

Making their day – Children’s Jewellery gifts

Children's jewellery

There are milestones in all our lives that are celebrated and lauded. And in amongst all these milestones are memories and mementoes that remind us of our achievements and those little markers along this path called life.

The baby

That first big occasion is a double celebration: you’re parents of a new little person, and that little person is being christened. Christening bracelets are an ideal gift for this occasion, and will inevitably be cherished. If you’re looking for a more traditional style, silver is perfect:

Sterling silver personalised christening bangle

Or if you prefer your baby to be more on trend rose-gold is the perfect choice:

Personalised rose gold christening charm bracelet

The flowergirl

Walking in a straight line while wearing a frilly dress and carrying some flowers: that’s a big feat to manage for some bouquet bearers. A beautiful bracelet not only shows your little girl what a big girl she is, but it’s a great introduction to the wonderful world of accessories:

Girl's Personalised Sterling Silver Hope Bracelet

The confirmation

For some girls, their first big day comes in the shape of their confirmation. They’ve done their homework and they’ve picked their confirmation name: now it’s time for them to dress up and be the star of the show. Mark the occasion with a personalised rosary that reminds them of how proud you are:

Personalised rose gold rosary necklace

The ‘grown-up’

She’s been playing with your jewellery box for years, tangling your necklaces and stacking her arms with too-big bracelets. This heart charm necklace is ideal for showing her that she’s ‘come of age’: the ‘age’ to have her own jewellery box, and to leave yours alone…

Personalised rose gold charm and pearl necklace

The student

And for the boys? Well, let’s take a moment and remember how stressful school exams were. Grades had to be reached and subjects had to be chosen, and goals needed to be met. Not only will this personalised necklet show your mini Einstein how well he’s doing, silver is also traditionally associated with good luck:

Silver cross and tag leather necklet

Whether it’s a small milestone or a big challenge, a personalised gift will complete the occasion.

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