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Whether it’s because we can’t go out to see friends or family, or to relax after a tough shift, many of us have had more time on our hands for reading. A good book can carry us far away from reality into other worlds and endless possibilities. Not much can beat the joy of curling up with a great book and a mug of tea on a cold winter’s day.

We have loved seeing all your Instagram tags of our personalised bookmarks, so here at Hurleyburley we have started our own Book Club and have been swapping recommendations which we would like to share with you!


The book you recommend: Slow Horses – Mick Herron

Book Genre: Spy/Thriller

Why do you recommend this book: This book is about failed MI5 staff members who for various reasons have been sent to work at Slough House , the dumping ground for misfits and renegades of the security service world where they become known as the Slow Horses.

It’s fast paced and gripping as the misfit crew, throw down their pens and leap into action when a boy is taken hostage and the countdown to his demise begins. Not everything is as it seems and there are lots of unexpected twists.

The books success can be attributed as much to the wonderful array of characters whose personalities and lives are woven into the plot, it makes it very relateable and you easily invest into the characters.

The language is fluid and descriptive, it forces you to slow the pace in order to enjoy it.

A real page turner and the first in a series so more to enjoy!


The book you recommend: Where The Crawdads Sing

Book Genre: Drama / Fiction

Why do you recommend this book: The book is so beautifully written and a joy to read. It is the story of Kya, or the Marsh Girl, a young girl abandoned by her family. Kya grows up alone in her family home in the marshes of North Carolina, evading the care system and with little human contact, taking comfort in the natural world around her. It’s a story of loss, loneliness, prejudice, resilience, survival, nature and love. An incredible book that will stay with you forever.




The book you recommend: The Photographer’s Wife – Nick Alexander

Book Genre: Fiction

Why do you recommend this book: It’s told in two time frames with the consequences of the past explaining ‘what happens next’. The past covers a bit of social history and shows how much things have changed in a short space of time. This of course, has a twist at the end!





The book you recommend: I am Pilgrim

Book Genre: Thriller/ crime fiction/ suspense

Why do you recommend this book: I literally could not put it down, it’s so exciting and suspenseful. I had to know what was going to happen next.





The book you recommend: Perfume – Patrick Suskind

Book Genre: Horror Fiction / Mystery

Why do you recommend this book: The way Suskind explains the scents/smells makes you feel you can smell them through the pages





The book you recommend: The Shining – Steven King

Book Genre: Horror

Why do you recommend this book: Scared me sh*tless & liked comparing it to The Stanley Kubrick movie. (I basically only read books that have been made into movies so I know the plot)





The book you recommend: War Doctor: Surgery on the front line – by David Nott

Book Genre: Autobiography

Why do you recommend this book: A story about a doctor working under immense pressure in dangerous environments. Very interesting and heart wrenching.





The book you recommend: The Beach – Alex Garland

Book Genre: Adventure fiction

Why do you recommend this book: It’s a great book to take your mind to a paradise Island. Which I think everybody needs right now. A great but bizarre story.





The book you recommend: His dark materials book series

Book Genre: Fiction

Why do you recommend this book: Creative and captivating story! It will make you want to drop everything and read all day ☺





The book you recommend: Necronomicon – H.P. Lovecraft

Book Genre: Fiction  – Horror

Why do you recommend this book: Gorgeous descriptive world building and monster creation. A pretty book too. A mythos not to miss.





The book you recommend: Everything I know about love –  by Dolly Alderton

Book Genre: Biography, Autobiography

Why do you recommend this book: Discusses the importance of female friendships, the growth from past relationships as well as funny relatable stories from her early twenties. I couldn’t put it down! I’ve just started her new novel – Ghosts!




The book you recommend: Blood Orange

Book Genre: Thriller

Why do you recommend this book: An easy read- dark and compelling! I couldn’t put it down.





The book you recommend: Shutter Island

Book Genre: Psychological Horror

Why do you recommend this book: Not a light hearted read but captivating and keeps you on your toes with all the twists and turns from start to finish. You become the detective sussing out each character and making your own predictions who is telling the truth and how the story is going to end.






If you would like your own personalised bookmark, whether it’s for yourself, a loved one or your own Book Club, you can get yours here and don’t forget to tag us!

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