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How to Mix Metals!


Mixing Metals at one time was something to avoid at all costs, now we welcome the mixing of all metal colours and we are getting creative!

Most people have a preference to what colour jewellery they would usually wear, and many people have a statement item that they never really take off.

You used to have to work with and around your chosen metal choice, but now we say mix-it-up! We love the statement of mixing metals and we think it’s a perfect summer collaboration to mix our metals up!


Heres some tips to mix your metals perfectly without looking out of trend!


Stacking is key! May seem bizarre, but the more you stack, the better it looks! This especially looks great for necklaces, rings and bangles! Mix those metals by combining a different range and stack to contrast with each other! Trust us on this, it looks great!

Ensure there’s a balance – This may be self explanatory but don’t go wearing 4 gold bangles then 1 silver ring! You need to find a balance that compliments the mixed metals, for example, you could wear a mixture of silver and rose gold bangles with a rose gold ring! Or a popular favourite, a silver stacking necklace with a yellow gold chain!

Stick to similar styles – We love the idea of mixing metals but if you are new to it, it’s best to stick to one style you are comfortable with. For instance, if you are usually one to wear dainty metal chains, then stick to this! Mix the metals with dainty chains rather than one dainty and one chunky piece, this way you’re not too out of your comfort zone.

Pair with your favourite jewellery – If you have a piece of jewellery that you love and wear everyday, then work around this. It could be a statement necklace with a pendant, which you can pair with a simple chain to compliment it! Or you could have a gold statement ring that you love to wear on every occasion, which you could then pair with a simple sterling silver band!

Don’t be afraid to experiment! – Last but not least, the best advice we can give is don’t be afraid to try something new! We love this new trend and don’t want to be afraid to go wild! If you don’t think it looks right then just roll with it, we’re not here to judge!


Here’s some of our best mixed metal pieces that we love and we know you will love too!


We have our personalised 18CT Rose or Yellow gold plated and sterling silver sweetie bracelet with an initial charm. Includes a slider to make it easy to wear and adjustable to fit a wide range of sizes. Wear along side some of our silver and gold bangles to complete the mix metal look. You can also add a special touch to this bracelet with personalisation, which is perfect for any event including Birthdays, Weddings, or any special anniversary events.

We also have our range of mixed metal necklaces, including individual metals or our initial mixed metal cubes. Our range of necklaces are perfect to create a statement and can be paired with our single chain necklaces to create a stacking effect. Each necklace can be made in any of the three colours including sterling silver, rose gold or yellow gold. Stand out from the crowd with personalisation or keep it simple with a single dainty chain.

One for the men as we can’t leave them out of this trend! Discover our mens’s mixed metal bracelet, a very sturdy but modern design to fit in with our trends. However be sure not to expose these bracelets to water! You can wear this bracelet on it’s own or with our other men’s range of bracelets which feature both silver and gold metals.


One of our favourite pieces of jewellery to wear is our range of stacking rings! We have many different styles to suit you including simple to bling! Make a statement with our sets of very stylish hallmarked sterling silver, rose and yellow gold plated sterling silver stacking rings! The three colours compliment each other well and match our other range of mixed metal jewellery to give a diverse look.


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