Hurley Burley

Holiday Packing!


If you enjoy packing.. you are part of the minority. Nobody likes the packing bit before running away for a week or two in paradise. If you say you do, we don’t believe you.

But.. we can help with a couple of things we think your suitcase is lacking and you should certainly cram in before skipping off to the airport!


First things first. You arrive at the airport, waddle over to the check-in desk and join the queue of people who are stood in their dusted off flip flops and bad Hawaiian shirts.. and immediately panic your passport is at home in the bed side table drawer or your boarding pass was printed off on your rubbish work printer..and smudged beyond being legible.

We can introduce our leather travel sling, the perfect place to avoid the panic and keep all your valuables close to you at all times. It comes in Black, soft grey and dusky pink. We also offer the chance to have it engraved with your initials to make sure you know yours is yours and his is his!

A great 3rd anniversary gift idea or something to brighten up your own passport. Our personalised Nappa leather passport covers, in mint, rose gold, hot pink or black. Include a mushy inside message to make it an even more special gift.

Nobody knows what to by for Honeymooners or new couples, but if they are shooting off somewhere to celebrate, we have our personalised leather luggage tags to have engraved with their new married names! (also makes spotting their own case out of the 108 black canvas suitcases on the carousel much easier).

You’ve asked him if he needs a bag for the beach.. well why would he.. he’s already put his book, towel, suncream, sunglasses, hat, keys and tourist map in your bag. In that case you need something big and beautiful to hold it all! Our beach bag comes in three colours and is ready for it’s first holiday!

 You really want an ice cream.. but the change was thrown into your big beautiful beach bag.. how annoying. Our new leather summer clutches are the perfect place to put the change, the phone, the keys and all the valuables when you want to nip up to the beach bar for an ice lolly. We have 5 strong summer designs including a palm tree, pineapple, cactus, lobster and flamingo! pick your leather colour and your design

(you can also add a personalised tag to the zip!)

Saint Christopher the patron saint and protector of travelers.

Our Mini St Christopher disc necklace, the perfect gift for someone flying the nest and heading off to explore the big wide world.

A little token to keep them safe while they are away.

If they Saint Christopher isn’t for you, there is the compass travel necklace, which is also such an easy piece of jewellery to wear and have room for a special message to be engraved onto the back


Silver or rose gold hoop earring with turquoise stones, they match your denim shorts, your maxi dress or if you’re really diva-ing this holiday with your bikini and a cocktail by the pool!

Something statement to wear on your hols? I can tell you as soon as the mermaid went live on our website she was VERY popular, swimming straight out of our workshop (who doesn’t love anything mermaid). We can offer a selection of summery statement pendants all with a way of personalising them, creating beautiful gifts for all the summer birthdays this year!

Possibly saving our voted office fav product until last. We had all ordered a pair before they were even stocked. PALM TREE HOOPS! If you can’t imagine these dangling from your bronzed face while sipping on something chilled and being fanned by big banana leaves… then what would you be wearing?!

my advice.. get some in gold and some in silver.. then you’re covered for all outfit choices.


Happy packing!.. and have a safe flight ✈



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