Hurley Burley
Hurley Burley

Halloween Makeup



Charlie our Social Media and Website Manager has a hobby which definitely comes in handy around this time of year!

She studied Specialist Makeup in London and it’s safe to say her favourite time of year would be the 31st October – HALLOWEEN!

‘Fancy dress parties, Halloween, Festivals and anything which involves glitter is when I’m happiest. I loved studying makeup and spend a lot of my spare time doing makeup and glitter for parties and big events. I’ve worked at Bestival painting the dancers and performers, Wilderness Festival Glittering the Boutique Guests and lots of Private parties and Bodypainting events too.

Anyone interested in keeping their Instagram feed sparkly .. give me a follow @sequinsouls’

These are a few of my Halloween looks:

‘Paradise paint by Mehron is by far my favourite body/face paint to work with. It blends really well,

it has great coverage and has the added bonus, it smells of coconut!’

‘I always get drawn to the villains, even when it isn’t halloween.

I love the dark and more sinister characters from books and films and creating something terrifying is a joy for me!

My favourite thing about this facepaint was when I had just finished painting myself as Immortan Joe.. there was a knock at the door,

the police had come to ask if we had seen a guy they were enquiring about, I’m glad you couldn’t see how red I went under all my paint!’

‘If he see’s this..he won’t be happy. But I left out the ones with your face in as a compromise.

Boyfriend’s can by fun & useful, he’s been a great canvas on may occasions’

‘Facepaint Tip: If it isn’t your neatest work, or there’s a smudge here and there the answer is…Glitter.

Glitter is a magical thing and to be honest, I would proscribe it as a quick fix to most aspects of life. #GlitterIsTheAnswer’

‘My Cruella Deville bodypaint was for an online Instagram competition…I didn’t win (not bitter at all..completely over it) but it was so much fun.

My Dads kitchen was where my painting took place, you would never have known from my spillages and splatters. Anyone who is into bodypainting

or makeup I strongly suggest getting involved in competitions on Facebook or Instagram. Great for networking, keeps you competitive and

personally my work comes out better when I know I have a motive or goal!’






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