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alternative uk festivals

UK Festivals With an Interesting Twist

alternative uk festivals

With the warm summer months now upon us, chances are you might be thinking about dusting off those wellies and heading to one of the UK’s many festivals.

There’s nothing than spending a well-deserved day (or weekend) off, taking in the sights, sounds, and experiences of a wonderful British festival.

But it’s not all about the music – contrary to anyone who’s been to Glastonbury might tell you. The UK festival scene is actually rather diverse, with plenty of outdoor escapes that you may never have heard of. So, if you’d love to take in a festival that’s a little bit different, why not take a check out some of the following?

The Big Feastival

festivals big feastival

Let’s face it, we all know that food is life! So if you’ve got a taste for somewhat unique, less-‘commercial’ food, make sure you head to the Big Feastival festival and sample some of the culinary delights on offer.

The Big Feastival is a foodie’s dream come true! Backed initially by celebrity chef and renowned turkey-twizzler hater Jamie Oliver.

The Big Feastival is a food festival held during the summer, combining live music with delicious food from across the globe.

The festival, held in the Cotswolds at Blur bassist Alex James’ farm, plays host to some of the greatest chefs the world has ever seen. This year, some of the biggest names include Rick Stein, Sophie Mitchell, Jack Stein, Antonio Carluccio, Gennaro Contaldo, and many more. There is a cookery school, live cooking demos, live music, and a food and drinks market that has to be seen to be believed. If you’re a foodie, head on down to the Cotswolds this August 25th – 27th and prepare to be amazed.

The Good Life Experience

festivals good life

If you have a love of the great outdoors, campfires and fresh air – then this festival might be right up your alley. The Good Life Experience is an interesting mix of arts, culture, a little music – and a big focus on the joys of living closer to the land. Held in Hawarden, Flintshire,

the festival offers guests an eclectic mix of activities, from campfire cooking sessions, to book talks, to tree-climbing and yoga!

This festival definitely looks like it has something for the whole family – there’s even a vintage fair ground for the kids, accessible via a maize field. It’s worth checking out if you like your festival experiences to be quirky, varied and a definite break from the norm!

Board Masters

Boardmasters Festival

For anyone who loves sun, sea and surf culture – Boardmasters festival definitely won’t disappoint. The annual festival is being held at Watergate Bay and Fistral Beach from Wednesday 9 August to Sunday 13 August this year, and contains a great mix of music, food, surfing and general fun in the sun.

With this year’s line-up including Jamiroqai, The Flaming Lips and Two Door Cinema Club, Boardmasters is one of the bigger players on the UK festival scene.

What sets it apart from other festivals is most definitely the setting. Who doesn’t love a party on the beach?

Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling Festival

festivals coopers cheese

Yes, there really is a Cheese rolling festival held in Gloucestershire, UK, and it is actually a lot more popular than you might think. Held each year towards the end of May in the village of Brockworth, thousands of grown adults gather at the top of the steep Cooper’s hill with one common objective: to chase a wheel of cheese from the top of the hill down to the bottom.

The festival gathers mainstream media attention worldwide, due largely to the fact that, whilst being bizarre, it is also very dangerous. Cooper’s hill is incredibly steep and over the years, countless bones have been broken. In fact – the festival is so dangerous that there is no official event-organiser! Despite this however, the locals never fail to disappoint, and the festival attracts hundreds each year.

If you fancy a great day out in the stunning English countryside, with just an element of danger, make sure you head over to Cooper’s hill and see who will be victorious in catching the cheese before it reaches the bottom.

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